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Find the best Bitcoin Switzerland exchanges 

BitcoinSwitzerland24 brings to you all the updated data of most trusted crypto exchanges in the world. The information includes trading volume, transaction fee, payment method, and digital currencies available.

  • 5 million global users 

  • Over 2 billion daily trading volume

  • Tiered Trading Fee structure : 0,01 - 0,2%

  • Over 30 million global users 

  • Over 10 billion  daily trading volume

  • Trading fees: 0,1 - 0,2 %  

  • Multi (16+) language supported

kraken logo
  • 10 million global users 

  • Over 200-400 million daily trading  volume

  • Pre-trade basis Fees: 0,00 - 0,26 %


In terms of trading volume, Binance is one of the top places to buy Bitcoin in Switzerland. It is considered the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world with the fastest possible speed for the users. Binance also has its native token and own Blockchain called the Binance Chain. Binance offers over 200+ cryptocurrencies for the traders which can be purchased using fiat, bank transfer, and other payment methods. The founder Changpeng Zhao saw massive success with Binance globally when it was launched in 2017.

The native BNB token can be recognized as one of the success factors for the exchange. It provides an additional 25% discount for holding and using the token during trading. 

  • Offers a powerful ecosystem and best features in Switzerland

  • Community-first service

  • Trustworthy exchange used by 12+ million users


  • Largest crypto exchange in Europe

  • 1 million users use the BNB token for rewards

  • Very competitive trading fee in Europe

  • 25% discount for any user using BNB in the ecosystem

  • Binance launched first BNB Exchange-Traded Product on Swiss Stock Exchange

  • Once hacked for $40 million

  • Visa & Mastercard payments in the “Pay with Bank Card” feature will be temporarily disabled in Switzerland

Huobi is a leading Bitcoin marketplace with 200+ cryptocurrencies ready for trading instantly. The exchange is cheap, fast, and safe to trade in Switzerland. Huobi Global offers Swiss citizens to easily create an account and start trading instantly. With 7+ years of track record, Huobi is considered one of the safest places to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in Europe. Moreover, the native Huobi Token (HT) offers further benefits for the traders. The exchange was once known for holding a 50% crypto exchange market before. Founder Leon Li was the visionary behind the massive success of Huobi.  

Holding and trading with the native HT can be beneficial like BNB. HT offers a reduction in trading fees. The Singapore-based company has vaults in Switzerland to offer safe storage of cryptocurrencies.

  • A new feature for Swiss users to keep the Cryptocurrencies safe using Vaults 

  • $247 turnover with 50% market capitalization history

  • Wider ranges of currencies available

  • Margin trading with 5x leverage

  • 2FA enabled for security

  • Major fiats and cards are accepted for Bitcoin trading

  • One of the best customer service protocols

  • Lower Withdrawal limit

  • Doesn’t support Swiss language

kraken logo

With a strong commitment over privacy and security, Kraken is a top place to buy Bitcoin in Switzerland. As a trusted financial center, Kraken has been serving the European crypto community in a better way.  Kraken is known as the largest in Europe in terms of volume of trading. Hence, Kraken is getting support from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) in a pro-active way. Currently, Kraken is working on a solid foundation in Switzerland which already became a home for almost 800 crypto and blockchain companies.

kraken pluses
  • Largest crypto exchange in Euro Volume

  • Strong ties between the Swiss authorities

  • A safe haven for Swiss crypto community

  • Popular among professional traders

  • First crypto exchange in the world to use proof of reserves audit

  • Ranked among the top global and European exchanges 

  • Margin trading and Future trading allowed 

  • Trading fees are structured for professional trading

krake minus
  • Higher($15) charges for swift payment

  • Privacy concerns due to tracking different user information

  • Constant competition from the peers

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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin (₿) is the best alternative known to the human world which can disrupt the traditional banking system. Bitcoin replaces the intermediaries like Banks and financial institutions and relies on cryptography to keep the currency as a digital asset. It is known as one of the cheapest and fastest currency alternative founded just 11 years ago. 

Bitcoin started with a cheaper value but started to hit high in 2013. In 2017, it went $20,000 making one of the most valued assets in the financial industry. Currently, Bitcoin is believed to be the next big thing in the payment industry which had a humble beginning founded by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009.

Here we've come up with a few facts about Bitcoin

- Invented by an anonymous person to disrupt the financial world
- Bitcoin is a decentralized digital form of currencies

- Bitcoin is promising for Borderless transactions
- The peer-to-peer transaction became much easier with Bitcoin
- Total supply is limited to 21 million Bitcoins
- The currency is traded in the market like the stocks 


- Digital wallets store the value of the currency


- Miners increase the supply of Bitcoin using their computer power

To learn more about crypto check What is Bitcoin?Top Places to buy Bitcoin or Buy Bitcoin.

Convectional Money Transactions

fiat money transactions description

Conventional money is also known as fiat has no intrinsic value. It is just a legal tender supplied by the government. It doesn’t take any value from precious metals like Gold or Silver. As a result, governments can supply as much fiat as they want. But each currency creates a percentage of government debt on the citizens. Hence, over-issuance can be a bigger problem for the economy. 

Bitcoin Transactions

bitcoin transactions description image

Bitcoin is an untraceable and unhackable currency thanks to the latest technological advancements. It uses a blockchain network to work as a ledger for each transaction. The blockchain network transforms the transactions into blocks which are later verified by the miners. Since the process requires technology it can easily avoid any interruption from the banking industry.


Cryptocurrency Risks

Bitcoin volatility

High Volatility

Bitcoin has a natural volatility risk factor. The factor of volatility comes from over-speculation by the traders. Generally, market sentiment drives the traders to go in a single direction. As a result, the price of the asset moves sharply upwards or downwards after certain news. Experts believe that during the time of boom, panic, and bubbles the traders face a huge dilemma and lose everything due to the volatility. So having a long-term outlook can be a good way to bypass all the volatility risk.

bitcoin scamming risk

Lots of Scammers

Scammers found hacking into Bitcoin accounts can be highly beneficial. Due to a lack of technical knowledge many account holders give up their private keys to hackers. Hence, scammers can take out all the Bitcoin with just one code. Moreover, scammers are now trying double benefit schemes to lure the users to lose all the Bitcoins they hold.

Bitcoin exchanges fees waring for the users

Skyrocket Transaction Fees

Hundreds of Exchanges other than the top ones we mentioned can take larger transaction fees. These skyrocket fees are one of the negative factors making the Bitcoin market vulnerable. But just cross-checking the prices with top exchanges like Binance, Huobi, and Kraken can easily raise red flags in the minds of the traders. 

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