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Huobi review

With wide ranges of crypto and fiats available, Huobi is a great alternative for crypto lovers in Switzerland. It doesn’t require any verification for a minimum trading limit. The company earned popularity in Switzerland due to higher safety protocols. Huobi initially started in China as an exchange for Asian users now holds a significant share in the global crypto arena.

Please note that fees may vary based on your country or purchase amount. 

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  • Both professionals and beginners can easily trade in Switzerland

  • 200+ cryptocurrencies available for swiss traders


  • Global market share reached 50% in the past

  • Margin trading with 5x leverage available for Swiss users

  • Multiple payment methods allowed in the platform

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  • Swiss not available in the platform

  • Trading rate can be improved

Is Huobi a trusted exchange to use?

Huobi has been around since 2013 and has a 2-5bln trading volume. Definitely one of the most trusted exchange for buy bitcoin. 

Huobi compared with other exchanges

Compare Huobi with other good crypto exchanges where to buy Bitcoin safely, trusted, and with the good price. 

  • Over 2.2 million daily users

  • 100 - 300 million daily trading  volume

  • Pre-trade basis Fees: 0,00 - 0,26 %

  • Future trading available in Switzerland

  • Supported currencies 30+

  • Supported 180+ countries

  • Over 12 million daily users

  • 10 - 12 billion daily trading volume

  • Trading fees: 0,1 - 0,2 % 

  • Native BNB Token

  • Supported currencies 190+

  • Supported 180+ countries

  • The Largest global Crypto exchange 

  • Over 5 million users 

  • 500 million  -  2 billion daily trading volume

  • Tiered Trading Fee structure : 0,01 - 0,2%

  • Native Huobi Token (HT)

  • Supported currencies 118+

  • Supported 130+ countries


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